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Les 6ème 3 journalistes : The 5 minute read with Eoghan !

This is an article about Eoghan* : he came to our classroom to answer our questions.

*Pronounce Owen


    Eoghan is Irish, he is 16 years old and he studies in Sévigné for six weeks. He goes to the school called Gaelicolàiste Choilm, it’s in Cork. In his free time, Eoghan plays Gaelic football. His nickname is Lynchy, and his favourite pet is the dog.

« I’m the eldest of three : I have a young brother and a young sister ».

    Do you wear a school uniform every day ?Yes, we wear a uniform every day but the teachers don't.

    What colour is your uniform ?Our uniform is blue and grey.

     What is your favorite subject at school ?My favorite subject is technical graphics.

    What other subjects do you study ?I study English Irish, maths, physics, French, and business.

The pupils in 6ème 3 thank you for your visit Eoghan !

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